NHS, Private and Veterinary prescriptions


NHS, Private and Veterinary prescriptions

Private Prescription

If you have a private prescription and want to get it dispensed then we can help.

We stock a wide range of medicines and in most cases, we can dispense your prescription whilst you wait. If your prescription is for something that we don't have in stock, we can order usually for the same day or next day collection.

Our prices for private medications are based on industry-standard pricing so you can be sure that you are getting a competitive price. Visit us in-store to get your private prescription dispensed or contact us to enquire about availability and prices.

NHS Prescriptions

We dispense NHS prescriptions, electronic prescriptions and paper prescriptions. We also offer a repeat prescription service, ask in-store today to nominate us for your repeat prescriptions.

Veterinary Prescription

You can get your Veterinary Prescriptions dispensed at our pharmacy. We stock a wide range of veterinary medicines. Ask in-store for details.